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The Sheep of Angst

from which you knit angst sweaters that keep you warm on the inside!

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killing fluff with angst since 2007
Hi there! Welcome to shipangst, the joint writing journal of Melanie and Kazie. These two angst-loving, spazzy, random fangirls first met in Add A Writer, then teamed up in Fandango High as Haruhi and Kyon, eventually got their souls eaten in Econtra as Xiao Lang and Ying Fa, and finally grew enough plot bunnies angst sheep in their heads to start this journal.

So what exactly goes here? Well, there'll be fics, drabbles, original story ideas, spazzing, randomness and stuff that'll have something to do with writing, one way or another. Feel free to friend; the Sheep don't bite. They only kill fluff with angst. ♥
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